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A Starlight in the Gloom | [ action ] | OPEN

Who: Alucard Adrian & ...
What: It's free sample day at Cold Marble and Adrian has been told he's needed to lure in new custom.
Where: Cold Marble (the ice cream and sweeties parlour Adrian works at)
When: Today (5th June)

Memories of that bizarre vision* were running through Adrian's head as he blankly stared out of the shop window. It took three calls from the manager to finally pull him out of his day-dreamer's trance.

Business is a bit slow, his boss advised I think it'd be a good idea if you brought in some more custom Adrian.

For a moment the British expat looked at his superior with a cool, unchanging expression. There was a preternatural, and altogether eerie, appearance to his fair features as though the request had been beneath him and Adrian's androgynous beauty had been akin to carved stone. However, the moment passed (although it's passing seemed to take longer than it truly was) and suddenly his face was illuminated by a broad, toothy smile. He spoke, tone light and soft.

"I suppose things are a little slow. What do you want me to take out?"

The parlour's manager proceeded to instruct his young assistant on a selection of both frozen and room-temperature samples and with tray in hand and apron tightly tied around his middle Adrian stepped out into the street. He squinted slightly, it felt brighter today than it had yesterday, he didn't usually feel this sensitive to light but nowadays when he spent too long outside it brought on the most awful headaches.

He spotted a passer by and spoke, voice clear as the ringing of a silver bell, a chime in the bustle of the city centre.

"Would you like a sample?"

[ * Adrian's first echo, found
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Free food of any kind was right up Gomez's alley. He didn't get to leave the apartment very often, but when he did, he made a day of it-- and stopping by the ice cream shop just to sniff and sniff and wish his ehhif didn't think ice cream was bad for cats was part of a nice day.

Part of a nicer day would be free ice cream, definitely.

The little white-and-tabby cat-- kitten, really; he was only half-grown, and barely that-- pawed at Adrian's pants leg as he headed outside for another potential customer, and looked up with bright green eyes that he hoped were adorable enough to earn him free eats.
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Those cats obviously hadn't been sentient and able to understand human speech. Gomez could overlook a weird scent-- or whatever the cause was-- if it meant ice cream. Besides, the boy obviously didn't mean any harm, right? He was just selling ice cream, nothing wrong with that.

He gave a soft little mew and tried to look both sad and hopeful, making his eyes even bigger and perking both ridiculously over-sized ears at the ice cream boy.
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Gomez burst into a happy purr and rubbed on Adrian's hand before it withdrew-- leaving behind cat hairs, if he had a sleeve down that far, too-- then immediately dropped to a crouch to lap at it. Good choice. Vanilla wasn't likely to make him sick, and he liked it, to boot! While he liked chocolate, he'd found he didn't exactly feel well after stealing some.

It was gone in moments, and he sat back, licking his whiskers and looking to see if Adrian had stuck around.
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Since this guy seemed pretty nice, and might have more ice cream, Gomez followed him on his trip over to the trash and rubbed on his ankles when he stopped to smile at him. It wasn't necessarily that he felt like somebody nice needed a reward for being nice... it was really a pretty selfish desire for more ice cream or, at the least, some petting.

Because hey, somebody nice with the ice cream was probably nice with the petting, too.