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[Today's video is coming to you live from inside Erebor! Killian is looking pretty dusty, and behind him you can see a sort of blockade. Beyond the blockade looks dark and dangerous, but where Killian is there's a lot of space, it's clean, and there's some lights set up]

So! We can't get in the front door of the mountain just yet, we'd need way too much machinery to break through that mess. But we did find another way in [read: they made their own damn side door] and it's pretty secure in here. If anyone needs a safe place for a while, just let one of us know and we can get you in here. Still trying to figure out how to get wifi and cell service in a mountain, but hey, it's safe here. I'm pretty not even a giant crab could get in here.

[Just saying. Also his cat starts climbing on his shoulders as he speaks. Killian just ignores her]

There's only a few rooms that are safe for people to stay in right now, but we're trying to get more before we head back to Locke for a while. [To himself as he goes to kill the feed:] Hopefully we'll find a kitchen soon, too.
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voice - from elsewhere in Erebor

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[Technically the video is on. However, it's pitch black. Liam sounds a touch nervous.]

Um... my flashlight ran out of juice what do I do?
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Oh. Good plan.

[Liam fiddles with some settings, and now you can at least see his face. He squints at the light, then turns the phone to try and see around him. The light doesn't go very far, but far enough to see that Liam is pretty much standing on a bridge with no railing. So much for exploring places he wasn't supposed to yet.]

...Oh shit.
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...Maybe a little?
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Yeah. Okay. Right. I can do that... I think I came down those stairs.

[The video feed moves as he turns around - slowly.]

I have so many regrets right now.
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[The camera makes an odd movement as Liam feels the sensation of a pulse.]


[He slowly moves to sit down on the stairs. When he speaks he sounds not so much frightened as really uncomfortable. He speaks sincerely.]

Dude... please get me out of here.
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To the left-ish kind of.

[He pauses, then calls out loudly to see if Killian. Hopefully it wouldn't echo too badly?]

Hey, can you hear me?!
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[Tries again.]

How about now?! I'm over here by the... bridge thing!
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[He takes a deep breath.]

Okay well... I'm going to try these stairs. I'm seriously ready to leave now.
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I don't know if I can wait for eventually. I would pay some serious cash right now to get out of here, no lie.

[Yeah we're trying the stairs.]

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[To his credit, he at least pauses for a while.]

Nothing... I just feel weird. I'm not afraid of the dark or heights, so I don't get it. It's just... like this really is not the place for me, or something.
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I think it's more of an underground thing, but being a Dwarf mountain doesn't really help me feel any better about it.


Pulse, maybe?
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[Speaking of echos...]

Can you hear me now?!
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Dude, what? I'm good, I just need to know the way. I made it down this far by myself you know.

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