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[Well, somebody has a nice tan... well, maybe a bit of a burn too, but hey that's the price to pay for a nice vacation. ]

So I got this hat. Do you think it hides my ears okay, guys? I'm hoping it will last until I can start with winter hats.

[adjusts the hat on his head to demonstrate.]

Also I've been out of town for a bit, so I'm sort of out of the loop... what I miss?

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[Deadpan.] A mountain growing under Vegas, which may or may not contain a dragon, and Thorir has decided to lay claim to whether or not it does.

Where the hell did you go and why didn't you tell anyone? [If Ariel kills him, Gabriel will not blame her in the least.]
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[The reply isn't immediate, because Gabriel has to go slam his head into a desk for five minutes first.

Not literally because bruises wouldn't exactly help him get any modelling jobs, but he was very, very tempted.

Liam, god knows why sometimes, but people care about you.

If you go missing out of the blue while there are attacks going on on people like us, what do you think those people are going to think? [He could be gentle about this, but why would he?]
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Obviously. [Dripping with sarcasm. Seriously, Liam, please.] Think about it next time, please.

I hope I don't need to tell you this, but you'd better apologise to Ariel. She was worried sick.
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[In a speaking to children and idiots voice.]

You don't think it might have some correlation to how worried she was?