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[Closed] follow, follow stars that leap

Who: Gabriel, Liam and Ariel
What: Gabriel is now the oldest elf and he needs to at least try and be responsible or something
When: Monday 21st, evening
Where: Some hippy restaurant on the outskirts of the city

Gabriel had considered booking a table for them at a vegan restaurant he knows downtown for Liam's sake, but after some thought he reconsidered, and when the text comes with the time and place it's an ethical restaurant further out of town, along with the offer of a lift out there if either of them need it.  There's three reasons: the first is that he wants to prove to Liam that you don't have to be vegan to eat responsibly, and that it's in a much nicer setting out in the suburbs, with an outdoor eating area that they can sit and enjoy the small garden that's been grown there, and thirdly while Gabriel doesn't mind eating vegan if he's at a friend's house or an event, if he's paying for a meal then damnit he'll give himself (and Ariel) the option.

He's not actually visited the restaurant himself before, although he was recommended it by several friends, so he's pleased to find that it's as nice as it looked on the website, as they're led through the more or less empty restaurant and out to the garden.  Unsurprisingly, it seems most diners have chosen to enjoy the weather and Gabriel's pleased when they're led to a table in an out of the way corner that allows them a little privacy.  He lets the younger two sit down first before taking the remaining seat, long legs stretched out under the table.  "Pick what you like from the menu, I'll pay."  He offers, generously.
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Liam gives Ariel a 'gee, thanks' look for putting him on the spot before he sighs and looks thoughtful.

"Okay well..."

He trails off, then opens and closes his mouth a few times, trying to think of things he wanted to know or ask about. Then after a moment, he gets a strange faraway and slightly sad look on his face.

"I don't know, maybe you guys can help me figure this out... I mean, I feel weird. Like I want to go somewhere. Like it's really important, and it's driving me nuts."

He looks between both of them. "That happen to anybody else?"

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Stars Ariel could understand. Especially after she and Killian had shared a memory about starlight and a fire moon. It caused her to grin a little stupidly as she continued to play with the bracelet he had made for her.

"I understand the thing about stars. They are important. But I don't think I feel the same longing as either of you. I'm content and suffer from no longing or deep desires for places or things so I can't offer any help there."
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"Stars are cool I guess, but I think I'm more into the sea right now."

A thought occurs to him then, and he turns to Ariel.

"Wait, aren't you all into surfing and stuff? You'd think you'd have this... thing. Echo. Whatever."

Then, trying to make sense of Gabriel's comment about his being drawn to the stars, he turns to him.

"So, is it like you want to go up into space or something? Are we space elves? Like... those dudes on TV from Space Journey?"