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[When Liam's face appears, there's rather angry looking claw marks raked from under his left eye and over this nose. He also looks just about at his wit's end.]

Hey, guys, small emergency. Anybody good with cats? Well, I left the door to the balcony open for some air, right? and then--

[Suddenly there's a sound of a dog barking in the background. Liam looks up with an expression of horror, then tosses his iPad aside onto the couch so you have a nice view of the ceiling.]

Shit! Jack NO!

[More barking, and some angry hissing as well. There's a scuffle, and a slammed door. Afterwards the barking is muted sounding, and Liam is back into view.]

Okay, so, long story short, Naya's out on the ledge and I can't reach her.

[Now he holds the iPad straight in front of him with a hand on either side, as if holding the viewer's shoulders in earnest.]

I am no good with cats you gotta help me. It's like thirty floors up, no joke.
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LIAM What are you doing to my cats?
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[There is a long silence where she is just staring at him. ]
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I just am at a loss for words as to how you could have let it happen in the first place.
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[He is cranky?She huffs. ]

Dôl gín lost!
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[She was going to kill Julien as well as Liam at this rate.]

Im pedo sindarin...

And then with a very great deal of effort since she was annoyed and this language was taking over her english, she shook her head and then spoke very slowly and carefully thinking hard about english.

I. was. speaking. Sindarin. You are an idiot.
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[She still is forced to speak slowly so that she doesn't slip into Sindarin.]

No, you're an idiot for the cats. Why didn't you lock them up in their room with Jack over?
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Yeah I didn't want to risk damaging it on a road trip-- Wait that was in my closet.
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Gen hedithon min noer tonadab!
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[She pauses trying to sort out her thoughts and to control her temper.]

What did you do?
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Was it the renn faire looking one, or the one that liked like a prom dress?
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Oh, I don't like that one really. What did you do to piss Khan off?
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Your way with animals amazes me.

[There is a long sigh.]

Naya should be fine if you leave her alone.. I hope.. How far out on the ledge is she?
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Okay... just.. keep Jack away from her and she should be okay...

[She turns away to pace a little.]

Between the prank with the phone, the language thing and now this I've certainly had an eventful birthday,

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