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[When Liam's face appears, there's rather angry looking claw marks raked from under his left eye and over this nose. He also looks just about at his wit's end.]

Hey, guys, small emergency. Anybody good with cats? Well, I left the door to the balcony open for some air, right? and then--

[Suddenly there's a sound of a dog barking in the background. Liam looks up with an expression of horror, then tosses his iPad aside onto the couch so you have a nice view of the ceiling.]

Shit! Jack NO!

[More barking, and some angry hissing as well. There's a scuffle, and a slammed door. Afterwards the barking is muted sounding, and Liam is back into view.]

Okay, so, long story short, Naya's out on the ledge and I can't reach her.

[Now he holds the iPad straight in front of him with a hand on either side, as if holding the viewer's shoulders in earnest.]

I am no good with cats you gotta help me. It's like thirty floors up, no joke.
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[Hello, have a tiny parrot with scaly reptilian arms.]

I might be able to offer some assistance. I'm not bothered by heights, and I've had some experience in dealing with cats before.
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[He cocks his head to one side.]

Of course I have a bird thing going on. I'm a parrot.

[He also waves.]

And I would say I had a good pulse, in that I grew arms!

[Yep, normal baritone-voiced parrot with arms...]
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I have found that one man's weird is a bird's rather normal. It beats staying in the zoo all day!
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That's right! I was born a parrot--a Red and Blue Lory, to be exact! I had my first pulse at some point in the zoo, and I had to escape in order to win my freedom.

[He puffs himself up a little bit.]
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My name is Torin! What's yours?
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[Torin actually laughs at how forward the question is.]

No, no, it's quite all right. I got them back off of some Echo--it was quite a surprise! But a welcome one.
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I'm not at all sure! I think I may get a bit taller. If it happens, it happens.
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You shouldn't be--they're very nice ears.
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You're quite welcome!

[Hey, he seemed down about those ears. Torin will have none of this! Humanoid ears are doomed to look weird to him no matter what happens...but he is a very polite little bird.]
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[He nods.]

Good luck with them! And call me if you think I could be some assistance!