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Who: Alexander, Arthur, Cinderella, and Gomez
What: Cruising through the city and chasing kitty cats onto Cinderella's pasture!
Where: Locke City --> Cinderella's pasture
When: May 27th, afternoon (will adjust if necessary)

[ it's sheer luck, really, that alex isn't scheduled for tonight's shift. that grants him leeway to cruise around town, making good on his word to gomez that he'd take him out now and then. he trusts the kitten to obediently remain perched on his shoulders -- or, at the very least, stay close.

today, like many other days, gomez is sporting a necktie collar in honor of his namesake. passerbys are constantly stopping alex to coo at gomez, making the former think that maybe this would be an effective way to pick up chicks -- if they spared him even a quarter of the attention they lavished on gomez. it's an entertaining, but fruitless thought. he's content with his current arrangement.

unbeknownst to him, they're in the vicinity of a certain talking pony's home. ]
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[It's been a good day, really. Memorial Day means no school, and no school means no work for Arthur. So he's taking a walk, thinking about going by the pet store to see if he can strike up any interesting conversations, when he spots someone he remembers chatting with on the network. There's no hesitation as he approaches and calls out a booming greeting.]

Why, HELLO there, my friend!
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[A white cat sits by a nearby gate, a shorthair Persian, white-coated and green eyed, moodily grooming, so she had been as other humans had walked by, breaking to take a few hops after the occasional bird, so she had been until a shout had turned her head up.

Up to the two men talking cheerfully - one of whom, she notices with a slight and slow cock of her head, has a kitten sitting on his shoulders.

She continues licking at her stomach, with an awkwardly-bent neck and small strokes as her eyes go narrow, peering, scrutinizing nothing namely. Just the oddness itself...]
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[Gomez himself has been definitely enjoying all this attention, and hasn't really been tempted to stray at all. Why bother, when you had so many people cooing at you and scratching your ears? Even Arthur is greeted with a happy blink and a swish of his tail over Alex's back.

That is, until he spots the smoosh-faced cat down there on the ground. He butts his head up against Alex's ear in warning, then hops down to go say hello.

He sticks to cat-speech instead of the Speech that everyone can understand. For now.]

Hunt's luck.
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[Arthur is a hugger. He's down with that man-hug with a force some have called "an attempt to crack my ribs, please send help."]

Arthur! My name's Arthur! Slippy's the fish!

[But he's laughing as he says it.]

And it's very nice to meet you in person--and little Gogo there!

[He'll burst out laughing again at Gogo's reaction to that other cat, as well as Alex's admonishment.]

Ah, I suppose it's a good thing I didn't bring my little friend along with so many cats out today!
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[She feels interrupted, faintly. She sneezes it off. Then the cat looks between the two humans, and back to the kitten, and primly turns up her nose.]


[There's little else it seems especially appropriate to say. In truth it is an interesting change of pace exchanging greeting with another cat, as since that night, the only other creatures she's seen have been the birds, the occasional mouse, naturally the horse - she's avoided the human children...

Speaking of the horse, she hears a noise. Not immediately close, but even by now, familiar enough to catch - it is horselike, and it is startled.

Her voice rolls out in a "Hrr-rrm." Her head turns deliberately.

And yet again she finds herself hopping off opposite the young black-and-white, along the fences to where the white slats around that pasture that feels like home start.

Not with a critical pace. She could imagine a horse
screaming. But urgently enough to go.]
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[Gogo sits his tail down in surprise and a little offense when she sticks her nose up at him like that-- and then just prances off. He looks over his shoulder at Alex, ears skewed, to find his ehhif being bombarded by the big, noist fellow.


Hey, wait up!

[He bounds off after the white cat, his own patches of white and tabby standing out almost as much.]

((I gotta make me some AU icons... XD he's actually gray/brown tabby where the black patches are, in this life!))
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Of course I've got spirit! Don't you? Hang around with me, and I'll show you the meaning of the word!

[Arthur releases Alex from the hug, and seems startled as Gogo takes off.]

Well, what are we waiting for, man, let's go!

[And he'll start running in the direction that cat went.]


[...yes, he's yelling the whole time.]
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[The cat gives the kitten a glance back, and pauses for a brief second - before looking straight forward again and continuing on.

She scales a white fence with mesh between its horizontal slats, bounds a ways over tame grass at a diagonal.

A white pony is pacing somewhere along another segment of fencing, peering through the mesh. The cat meows her approach, and the pony's ears perk and her head lifts.]
Hm? Oh. There you are. [There's a pause - out of which a pleasantly surprised whinny rises as something dawns on her.] Why, were you worried about me~? Well, don't be! Thought I saw that frightful creature again. Heh~ ...Just a somewhat shaggy old black dog! So sweet of you to hear me call...

[Cinderella turns around to face the cat more properly and lowers her head, closer to her level. And then she spots something moving, and shifts her head to the side too peer around the little cat body.

The sight of another cat a bit behind causes her eyes to widen a tad.

On the shouting, she raises her head again, and tilts it down and cocked to the white cat.]

Just what have you done?

[It's not accusatory.]
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[Gomez immediately skitters to a stop when he realizes just what the white cat is approaching. He's never seen a horse before-- he's only seen Cinderella's nose, in fact, and on a screen that makes depth perception hard for him-- and the sight of one big and full-sized is a little scary.

New cat or no new cat, he turns around and bolts back to Alex, leaping at his chest and clawing the rest of the way back to his shoulder. His tail is nice and fluffy, there, too.]
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[Arthur seems delighted to see the pony there, and...yeah, he actually claps his hands once. He's not really thinking along the lines of noise causing animals to get spooked.]

Oh, a horse! Don't worry, kitty, a sweet horse like this wouldn't hurt you!

[And now he's going to attempt to pet Cinderella.]
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[Cinderella blinks and lifts her head. Her big, horsey heart gives a leap.

One of the sta -- humans' reactions had her doing a double-take right back, as she recognized this fellow, and that white cat, and hadn't she seen this other man as well? She briefly whinnies in surprise - when the clap makes her flinch, and a pat of a hand gets her to huff with mild indignation.]

You don't say. I wouldn't dream of laying a hoof on an acquaintance.

It's me, Cinderella! From the "Numbers Club."
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[The whinny earns her a hiss, but it's mostly a startled hiss, since now he recognizes that sound-- and her voice. He twines himself around behind Alex's neck, standing on his shoulders from the "safety" of being half-hidden behind his head. Sorry, Alex, that's not going to be very comfy for you, but Gomez doesn't really notice.]

You're that long-faced one! From the video!

[And hey, that's in... some language everyone here can understand. Even the fluffy white cat.]
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OUTRAGEOUS! So many talking animals--this is GREAT!

[Weirded out by talking animals? Who's weirded out by talking animals? Arthur got over any of that long ago when the dolphins at the marine park started talking to him.]

And you can actually speak English!
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[To the blond one - her tone is airy; she's gotten in the habit of preemptively cringing when she speaks to a human for the first time!] So I can, and thank you for taking the fact so well. Then I don't suppose you've had the privilege to chat with him on your outing today! [Nods in the kitten's direction - and Alex in the process.

Bringing her to his question. Her ears flick and she turns to the white cat.]
I would hardly call it a friend. We don't know a thing about each other! [Matter-of-factly.]
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[Gomez turns back his ears in mild annoyance.]

Well, I don't go talking to everyone and anyone. I'd get in trouble! Or get locked up somewhere! My ehhif is a lot nicer than most would be, I bet.

[He hunkers down on Alex's shoulder possessively, but at least he isn't digging his claws in so much in the process, since now he's more stable in his parch.]
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Hey, I talk to fish all the time! A talking cat and a talking horse seems perfectly normal at this point!

[He is just so onboard with all these talking animals. It's awesome.]

Ah, and I haven't introduced myself properly, have I? I'm Arthur! Arthur Curry!
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[She gives her tail a lash, and restrains a nicker with her eyes on the cat, for Alex's benefit.]

Ohh, he can drop by any time he likes.

That is provided he could stand sharing pasture with me.
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I just didn't know what you were before, that's all.

[Gomez sounds a bit sulky, and he hunches up over against Alex's neck to glare a little at her. It's not his fault he's a sheltered housekitten, all right? It's not like he can even read to do research.

Yet, anyway. Maybe someday.]
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Maybe we should set something up so the talking animals can get together more often! And talk about...uh...whatever it is talking animals talk about!