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002 :: text

[It's text today for Liam, since there's something he doesn't want the network to see.]

Okay I realize aliens are historic and important, and I should probably be more excited right now, but what the fuck is happening to my ears? They're growing or something.

[Growing points, but whatever, let's not advertise that.]

I think I screwed up somewhere. They were sore so I put on a chili pepper extract that I use for my calve muscles after hikes, and now they're just burning like all hell. What can I do to get this stuff off them? Bread?
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Suit yourself! [She sat back then, crossing one leg over the knee and getting comfy as she fiddled with the coffee cup for a long moment in deep thought.]

Okay Dwarves... what I know is that they are part of my past self. I know this because I remember something pretty specific with one dwarf in particular.
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[This is where it got uncomfortable for her, and she wrinkled her face a bit, sipping her coffee.]

Like I said, it's pretty specific, but I remember having one of the dwarves as a prisoner.

[There is a small, heavy sigh as she debates for a moment longer if she should reveal just who was the dwarf in question. She wasn't certain if this was something that Killian wanted to be spread around]

I'll tell you who, so long as you promise not to tell anyone else.
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[To that she shrugs while going back to play with her coffee cup. The memory had been pretty non specific.]

It was Killian. He was behind bars. And I had the sense that I had put him there.

[She decides not to tell Liam about the runestone since that was a pretty personal experience between them and it was one she wanted to hold on to.]
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[She fidgets more with the coffee cup, feeling a little awkward now for having shared a pulse with Liam, especially such a personal one. She nods unawares that she is starting to blush about the memory.]

Yeah... I don't know if anyone else was involved or why he was locked up... The pulse wasn't so clear on that. But there was this certainty that he was a prisoner. Killian isn't surprised either, he says that he has memories of him and other dwarves getting into all sorts of troubles.
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Err, yes Dwarves? [She arches an eyebrow at him, wondering why this suddenly was an issue for him.]
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What do you mean a bunch of them? Did you have a pulse just now?

[What was it with her and causing pulses in others? Now she was beginning to understand how Killian felt.]
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[Ariel suddenly feels a sudden flip flop in her stomach as she looked at Liam. She knew him or at leas had known him in the past. Furthermore, she also knew with a certainty that they had been working together, there was even a faint sense of camaraderie between them, but it was only a weak sensation of knowing.]

Oh... hell. We're talking about the same dwarves, aren't we?
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Yeah... [It seemed her luck that she would remember people more than events.]

I remember you. We worked together, wherever we were. Jailers or guards or whatever. I still only remember one dwarf though.
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[She knows how odd this all is. she already had gone through it with Killian.]

I think they were short, honestly. Or else I was also really tall as well.
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[She goes back to playing with her coffee mug again, taking a sip from it as she thinks about the implications of the memory.]

Well for one, it means you and I are from the same place. As for the rest... I really hope we were doing something right.

But for right now, it just means we have a reason to get to know each other better.
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Re: somebody tell this kid that being vegan doesn't mean eating only twinkies. *headdesk*

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[She hopes he isn't coming down with something, with the way he looks. The last thing she needs is for him to get her sick.]

Yeah you do that. You look like you could do with a meal and maybe some good sleep.
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Don't normal stores sell vegan friendly foods too? But anyway, a convo for another day.

[Ariel was actually relieved to see Liam going. Not that she din't mind him, but having some alone time to sort through these pulses was actually desirable right now.]

See you around Liam.